WE_CONNECT #8: Nicolas Colin

February 22, 2021

WE_CONNECT #8 with Nicolas Colin As almost every week, We_Start organizes a Zoom to chat with an entrepreneur for 45 minutes. This week, we have the great pleasure to welcome Nicolas Colin!

Co-founder of the venture capital fund TheFamily with Alice Zagury and Oussama Ammar, Nicolas Colin is also a senior civil servant, professor at EAP, author of Nouveau D├ępart and columnist at L'Obs and Sifted. Since the beginning of the health crisis, TheFamily has chosen to go full remote with a global reach to invest in more and more early stage start-ups internationally. Want to exchange with him? Get registered here to come and ask him all your questions on zoom, on Tuesday March the 2nd, from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm! Find out more about the event on our Facebook event.