WE_TALK #2: Investments and digital sovereignty in France

January 25, 2021

For the second We_Talk of the year, We_Start and the Digital Governance and Sovereignty Chair at Sciences Po invite you to discuss a hot topic: digital sovereignty issues and the problems of financing the sector.

With Donald Trump's ban on social networks, the Digital Market Act and the Digital Services Act in Europe and the State's veto on Teledyne's takeover of Photonis, digital sovereignty is more than a current topic. However, the funds raised by start-ups in the sector, often from foreign investors, will reach record levels in 2020: €400 million from Voodoo, €255 million from Mirakl and €200 million from EcoVadis.

In such a context, combining digital sovereignty and the growing needs of tech players in terms of funding seems to be a tricky challenge, that we will be debated on Wednesday, February 3rd

For this unprecedented conference, 4 distinguished guests representing the sector's different actors (from start-ups to investment funds, to Government) will join us.

We will see you on Wednesday, February 3, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Zoom. You can register here and find all the event's details on our Facebook event.