WE_TALK #1 : Luxury crossing new digital frontiers

November 25, 2020

On Wednesday, November 25th, We_Start welcomed you to its first We_Talk of the year!And for this first conference, We_Start did it big: 2 associations from Sciences Po, a start-up and 5 over-skilled speakers.

"Smart phygital", luxury retail, customer data analysis, webmarketing... if you are passionate about these topics or if you are simply interested in the impact of digitalization on luxury companies, this event would have been for you!

We_Start joined forces with BSPK, a start-up, and AssoMarket to offer you a complete exchange around the challenges linked to the increasing digitalization of the luxury sector.

Start-up founders, digital directors, international consultants or journalists, here are some of the many points of view on luxury that were present on Wednesday, 25th November.